Our Program is the Anarchist Revolution! & Confronting the Question of Power


by Wayne Price

Making Anarchist Revolution Possible

Law and Authority - Kropotkin

Stateless Socialism: Anarchism - Bakunin

Between Peasants: A dialogue on anarchy - Malatesta

Anarchism: It's aims, principles, and methods explained

Freedom for All: An Intro to Anarchism

Reclaiming Individualism


How feminists, freaks, and radical democrats are redifining self-hood
by Roger White
submitted to (2008)

How The Tea Party Organize: FreedomWorks Grassroots Activism Toolkit


Know your enemy.

Breaking Free: The Adventures of TinTin

Breaking Free

He's back, and he's bad! Now TinTin's back with his all his pals—Captain Haddock, et al.—battling it out against the State and bringing the old world to its knees, in a classic full-length graphic story of love, struggle, and freedom. Give to your little niece or nephew for an adventure they can really get stuck into!

Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, The


Robert Tressell's 1914 novel is about survival on the underside of the Edwardian Twilight, about exploitative employment when the only safety nets are charity, workhouse, and grave. Following the fortunes of a group of painters and decorators and their families, and the attempts to rouse their political will by the Socialist visionary Frank Owen, the book is both a highly entertaining story and a passionate appeal for a fairer way of life. It asks questions that are still being asked today: why do your wages bear no relation to the value of your work?  read more »

Letters Journal #2


Letters Journal #2

Letters Journal #1


Letters Journal #1

Un manual de derechos de los trabajadores, para el estado de Washington, segundo edicion

Sp long complete-1.jpg

Este manual es intentadoser una referenciafacil para los derechos
del lugar de trabajo.  Cuando los trabajadores conocen sus derechos del
trabajo, pueden protejerse y luchar efectivamente contra posibles
abusos de sus empleadores.

Este es la segunda versión del Manual.  Contiene nueva información y recursos, corriente Marzo 2008Hemos
aprendido que las leyes sobre los derechos del lugar del trabajo
cambian bastante durante un año.  Vamos a tratar de mantener al
corriente la versión larga del guía que está en el internet.  read more »

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