Mutiny #26

Mutiny #26

This upload includes ***only the high quality printable version*** of issue #26.

In this issue:

-We remember the uprising in France 40 years ago & bring you stories of struggle today, with-
-News of the wildcat taxi strike in Melbourne with which drivers won their demands for more safety.
-A report from Mexico about community police redefining the meaning of justice.
-A fairystory about workplace organising.
-Brief news of Mayday around the world & more.
-A review of 'Fear of a Brown Planet'.

Mutiny is an anarchist collective based in Sydney. We started this zine to explore different avenues of disobedience & resistance, & to encourage people to write about their ideas, actions & experiences. Mutiny is currently exploring ways to resist gentrification, in particular the ‘redevelopment’ proposed in the Redfern area by the Redfern Waterloo Authority. We’re keen to work with other people opposed to this redevelopment & the displacement, rent hikes & ugliness it involves. The Mutiny collective meets regularly & everyone is lovely: please contact us on the address below.

The zine is produced in Sydney and distributed in paper format in lots of places including Jura Books and Black Rose Books in Sydney.

Contact us if you’re interested in writing something or distributing paper copies.

c/- PO Box 4, Enmore, NSW, 2042, Australia


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