Contagious Liberation November 08 issue(Portland radical resource guide)

Nov Issue
- Un Dam the Klamath
- Caravan to Black Mesa
- Alternative Economics
- Plan Mexico aka Plan Merida

Are main focus is to provide a resource guide for Portland radical community and to make smaller groups more accessible and viable. We are anti-capitalist and Anti-authoritarian network, who strive to build community and positive change through action.

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What is this person talking about

I and the PRA did nothing of the sort. It's pretty typical for anonymous poster to throw stuff out like this to start drama. We where actually left in the dark by the group investigating charges of sexual assault. Meaning the group investigating it didn't inform the community and that is a shame. I actually asked pushed for mediation on this issue. Don't blame us, we have talking about this issue and do not support sexual assault.

Please don't spread false rumors!!!