Contagious Liberation November 08 issue(Portland radical resource guide)

Nov Issue
- Un Dam the Klamath
- Caravan to Black Mesa
- Alternative Economics
- Plan Mexico aka Plan Merida

Are main focus is to provide a resource guide for Portland radical community and to make smaller groups more accessible and viable. We are anti-capitalist and Anti-authoritarian network, who strive to build community and positive change through action.

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Just to clarify

We are going to have a meeting to go over a lot of mis-communication/lack of communication between some groups so rumors don't start like this. It's just hard to say the PRA or me are at fault here. We all know who need to follow through on what has been asked of him.

I'd also ask the anony. poster to contact any of the groups involved and communicate with them/us, and lay off trying to burn somebody unfairly online.