This delightfully thorough zine, written by the Down There Health Collective (DC), addresses issues surrounding HPV (human papillomavirus), a virus which is estimated to infect 80% of sexually active individuals at some point in their lives. In reaction to seeing the virus pop up in their own lives and observing the limited available and consistent information on HPV, they compiled their findings. The zine describes the virus, the way it is diagnosed, tips for talking to partners about the virus, conventional and herbal treatments, their opinions on the new HPV vaccine, and much more. 51 pages, legal sized paper.

HPV Zine
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Generally: Kudos on a

Generally: Kudos on a thorough and useful zine! While I do not possess a cervix, I've passed it on to a few people who do and I thought would find this useful or interesting.

As a male-bodied person, though, I found it a little disappointing that your main discussion about males and HPV focused on the low risk of male-bodied cancer and didn't mention once the potential of transmitting high-risk HPV to a partner; later on, in a section that seemed to be written for female-bodied people (being that they are the ones getting pap smears and possibly subsequent DNA testing), you mentioned the potential for transmitting high-risk HPV to a partner, and the implications for their future partners. That's a really uncomfortable message for someone who wants the penis-wearers to take responsibility as well (and for this one who is doing his best to do so). I was also surprised that the fact that the burden of handling all questions of sexual health is placed--once again--squarely on the shoulders of women, went unmentioned.

I know it's a tough subject: PCR testing for men is more or less unheard-of, and if you don't know if you're infected, what can you do? It seems worth of discussion to me, though, at the very least.

Thanks for all your hard work, though!