Piece Now, Peace Later: An Anarchist Introduction to Firearms

An (american) anarchist introduction to firearms and their use.

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Response to bad idea

How so? If the state and right wingers know how to use guns and use guns against us and others, why should we not learn. As anarchists it is important we know what we are doing and are able to use the weapons of the state against the state should we need too. I think all anarchists should know how to shoot and take care of a gun properly, just as you should know how to cook for yourself and others or how to fix a bike. Start a local Piece Corps and go too gun shows and other typically right wing gun themed events and places as a visibly queer feminist anti authoritarian presence. Make those gun toting loonies realize other people who aren't shitty love guns and know how to use them and don't fuck around.

Of course this is not too say we should go around and blow peoples heads off because we dislike them or that we are advocating a society of violence. We are clearly not advocating violence we are advocating self defense.

Look at the Cold War it was essentially the U.S. and Russia with their big guns out not shooting them at each other but threatening each other and then it all ending without really any direct violence. If it were just the U.S. with their big guns Russia would not exist and probably most everything around it because they would have been gunned down. We as who we are need to be able to say you pull a gun on us then we pull a gun on you and if both just put away the guns and walk away nobody getting in trouble or hurt then everything is fine otherwise we are going to sit their continuously getting pushed around by thugs with guns.