Ladders and Hips: An Open Letter to the Boys in My Life

A zine on self-injury, eating disorders, and sexualized violence. This zine lays open the author's struggle with internalized sexism by looking at the ways patriarchy has manifested itself in the author's body. Other articles connect her personal experiences with a broader, intersectional exploration of power within activist and punkrock communities she both embraces and attempts to hold accountable.

TRIGGER WARNING: this zine deals explicitly with self injury, eating disorders, and sexual assault. read with care.

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how to get a copy info

Hi, I'm the author of L&H. I don't have good computer access so I can't scan a better version of this zine (a friend did the file found here), but I'd be happy to mail you a hard copy. I ask for $2-4 for copies and postage, if you have it.

You can contact me by e-mail at joybeatsoppression (at) riseup (dot) net.