SDS News Bulliten #7

The SDS News Bulletin is the growing national publication of Students for a Democratic Society. We intend for this publication to be an accessible and popular vehicle for SDS members and chapters to communicate, coordinate actions, share information and ideas, and inspire one another in our struggles.

Past issues have included reportbacks from actions, conventions, and chapters, book reviews, songs, photos, poetry, how-to articles, editorials, essays, and resources. Issue #7 includes articles on Collective Liberation, Student Power for Accessible Education and Chapter Reportbacks!

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This was cute. Two people

This was cute. Two people known for snitchy behavior, for acting like jerks too others and for authoritarian behavior are I guess still doing their same shit with the same group and nobody has caught on? I don't even live near D.C. and I have heard of Jasper Connar and Samantha Miller and have seen and heard what they have done to others and it sickens me they are still organizing. Plus I think they aren't even students. Stop SDS'n Start a revolution!