Raise some Hell - a Feminist Childrearing Zine For Everyone

A feminist childrearing zine for everyone, not just parents.

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feminism is...

Your comments are not only offensive, but totally misinformed, and it is clear to me that you have not even bothered to read the zine before commenting. You also do not even have a clue about feminism! Men speaking their minds does not brand them a sexist- being sexist brands them a sexist! And women can be sexist too! Sexism affects all genders, but unarguably affects women dispropotionately more, and so this is why some articles in the zine may be aimed at women or girls. However, the majority are aimed at men too, and some were even written by men! There is even an article in the zine about education, if you had bothered to read it. I suggest you read up on feminism- why not try the introduction to feminism in 'Spratz!' our zine for children (soon to be online).