Gynocracy Song

Gynocracy Song by Annie LeBrun
with an introduction by Wolfi Landstreicher

"This surrealist rebel and participant in the 1968 uprising in France explains why feminism as we know it is inadequate to women and people in general."

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introduction is simplified garbage

Wolfi Landstreicher hates anything that applies any sense of definition to critique or action. His hatred for feminists who want men to challenge their sexist behavior shows the same reluctance to challenge misogyny.

The third wave, anarcha-feminists, and beyond have addressed every criticism Wolfi puts forth. Funny how he singles out primitivists and feminists as "ideologues" just because we have a critique that isn't just masturbatory tracts on the "social war."

Is it a coincidence that both Wolfi and Annie LeBrun are apologists for rapist and abuser the Marquis de Sade? I suppose analytically bankrupt concepts of "total liberty" and surrealist infatuation with "subversive" sexist writers trump the need to live in a world without abuse and rape.