Harvest of Dead Elephants, The - The False Opposition of Animal Liberation

"For us, destructive rebellion against this shit society is the only thing that holds any promise of liberation. We do not want bigger cages. We want to destroy all of them entirely."

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This is a pretty piss-poor

This is a pretty piss-poor critique of veganism and the animal liberation movement, relying on falsely constructed assumptions that equates modern green capitalism and the "activism" of assholes like PETA with the entirety of vegans and animal liberationists. Although the authors raise a good points (mostly about welfarists and the false promise of reforms), but these are hardly anything new to anyone who has thought seriously about animal liberation. Animal oppression is a link in the same chain as the myriad of forms of human and earth oppression. Mostly, this zine read like a self important garbage that does nothing but give excuses for abandoning veganism and animal issues in favor of "fighting the real enemy." The reality of the situation is that veganism and animal liberation are integral in the struggle against capitalism and the fucked up devisions it creates. Whatever actions we deem acceptable to those most different than us we extend, either consciously or unconsciously, to others whom are also different. Animal liberation is one of the key pieces towards building just communities, something zine ignores all together in favor of radical posturing.