Of Tea Parties and Patriots: In Defense of True Liberty for All

A new pamphlet, based on Dave Strano's article "Of Tea Parties and Patriots..." written for participants in the Tea Party and U.S. Libertarian movement, is ready for printing and distribution. Many people are disaffected and angry right now, and countering the racist hatred and conspiracy theories of Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Alex Jones, and Ron Paul are essential to combating fascism in America and gaining allies in our struggle for a free society.
These are our people, our families, our movement, and we can't let the mouthpieces of racists and the rich divide and conquer us.

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i agree

thanks for the constructive criticism. I will take that into account and try and revise this to make it a little better.
My problem is that I just don't come from that middle class background, so i don't really understand the jobs those people do.

what should we put in it instead of fast food workers, etc....?
office workers who are credit card and mortgage debt slaves?