Of Tea Parties and Patriots: In Defense of True Liberty for All

A new pamphlet, based on Dave Strano's article "Of Tea Parties and Patriots..." written for participants in the Tea Party and U.S. Libertarian movement, is ready for printing and distribution. Many people are disaffected and angry right now, and countering the racist hatred and conspiracy theories of Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Alex Jones, and Ron Paul are essential to combating fascism in America and gaining allies in our struggle for a free society.
These are our people, our families, our movement, and we can't let the mouthpieces of racists and the rich divide and conquer us.

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my problem with this article

is that it intentionally doesn't mention anarchy until you see the suggested links at the end. I feel this article would be more powerful if it explained anarchist ideas explicitly at every point. It seems a little misleading to leave the word anarchy out and kind of assumes the audience is homogenized and quantifiable like what corporate media does to sell avertizing. Anarchists can do better than using the corporate media tactic of reducing people to narrow ideas, however misleading those ideas may be.

Most anarchist writing today doesn't address the false liberation arguments imposed on poor people in North America. How various interests prey on poor people and co-opt their community leaders.

One argument against bigotry that I find my self referring to is that discrimination allows the boss to pay you less by setting you up to compete with everyone you discriminate against for jobs, housing, place in the hierarchy, etc. including competing against women in your own family.

How can anyone be free when we pay for everything?