Of Tea Parties and Patriots: In Defense of True Liberty for All

A new pamphlet, based on Dave Strano's article "Of Tea Parties and Patriots..." written for participants in the Tea Party and U.S. Libertarian movement, is ready for printing and distribution. Many people are disaffected and angry right now, and countering the racist hatred and conspiracy theories of Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Alex Jones, and Ron Paul are essential to combating fascism in America and gaining allies in our struggle for a free society.
These are our people, our families, our movement, and we can't let the mouthpieces of racists and the rich divide and conquer us.

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Intentionally hysterical language

I haven't read this pamphlet yet, but in the description you use the labels racist, fascist & mouthpieces of the rich. I'm going to take a wild stab here, but this website is using a circle a as its bookmark icon, so that means you don't believe in government, period. Although, i also imagine that there is some kind of heavy socialist/communist leaning here given the sub-headers of "class struggle" & "socialism". Work that one out, but i thought i'd say that throwing Glenn Beck into the mix of Alex Jones, Lou Dobbs & Ron Paul is like throwing Rachel Maddow into the mix of Amy Goodman, Howard Zinn (RIP) & Dennis Kucinich. Alex Jones is about as far from racism & fascism as you can get, Lou Dobbs same thing, Ron Paul even further. Glenn Beck is a corporate mouthpiece being used to divert the rising new American Freedom Movement. If you listen to the Alex Jones show & come away from it thinking he's a racist & a fascist, it's because you are a crypto-communist disguising yourself as an anarchist. Communists always throw around words like racist & fascist when they are blocked from their ideological goals. Alex Jones is against government, against corruption, against the selling out of the human spirit.