NAZIS and POLICE in Portland Oregon

"NAZIS AND THE POLICE in Portland, Oregon," is the first publication from “the Shit List,” a list of active nazis and police who commit violent crimes in the Portland area. This particular issue concentrates on the connection between nazism in the police department and nazi street gangs.

This is a somewhat fixed-up quickly-thrown-together rough first edition.

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I mean COINTELPRO type activities

that effectively "neutralized" me and my projects there through a combination of harassment techniques. It was a rude awakening. Search Portland indymedia for "pirate" and you can see my contribution stops and I leave town. I had planned on living there for a long time.

So when I'm talking about the activists I met in Portland acting like Nazis that is what I experienced. I had started independent media projects and Portland area activists contributed to shutting down those media projects, like what Nazis do.

Do you notice any political activity in Portland that challenges the status quo at all, besides maybe the copwatch groups? Have you noticed all you are allowed to do is to march from the North Park Blocks to Pioneer Square? I noticed that and started talking about it. i didn't last long in town.

To see that actual Nazis are at the top of the Portland police didn't come as surprise to me.