How to Ride in Hell- My stories and techniques for bicycling in bike-hostile cities

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I used to live in Cincy...

looks like it's gone out of control. I rode with Cincinnati Velo Club, usually up Ravine Street because it was quicker. We did club rides through DeVou Park in Kentucky and then out on River Road. The blond guy with the bike on his car may have been John Stamstad who raced RAAM 3 times. I moved out in November of 1991, it was a great place to ride then, I never got hassled once by cars but situational awareness is of course really important. It's also useful to be able to really sprint hard, I'd chased drivers down who made smart remarks, ruin a couple of air pumps (and their windshields). When you come after them it scares the piss out of them, they just sit there and look at you and don't do shit.