“The law on the hijab is a pure capitalist law. It orders femininity to be exposed. In other words, having the female body circulate according to the market paradigm is obligatory. For teenagers, i.e. the teeming center of the entire subjective universe, the law bans any holding back.”

Alain Badiou


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Ughhh trash

Capital has evolved to a point where our individualism is what's exposed. My strapy see through dress is just a much a product provided by capital as the brand name hijab I can buy off of south street. It's nice he wants to stand up for the cultural history of the hijab but using it as a basis for an argument on female empowerment is silly. Badiou to this day proves his naivety in his quest to try and say something controversial

Choice quote to destroy,
"As is “neither whore nor submissive,” which is simply absurd: isn’t a “whore” generally submissive, and oh so much?" -Are we not at the point where more and more in the sex industry are finding empowerment, dominance, and independence from their jobs.

Leave it be Badiou,
A whore