in other words, the situation is excellent - an interview with julien coupat

Q. The police consider you the leader of a group on the point of tipping over into terrorism. What do you think about that?

A. Such a pathetic allegation can only be the work of a regime that is on the point of tipping over into nothingness.

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you mean to tell me you can

you mean to tell me you can understand texts like theory of bloom or the socity of spectcle or agambens books?
i would guess that tiqqun people come from well-to-do families who can suppors their education financialy.

for all his sweet talk agamben is a professor who want money in excange for his knowledge and for that i think he deserves a spit on the face,if i need to serve coffe to some ass-hole to understand what he has to say then fuck him.

excuse my poor speling,English is not my native tongue.