Anti-Prison Demo during G20 Convergence in Toronto, June 27 2010 (Flyer)

On Sunday, June 27 2010 there will be a Demonstration Against Prison in Toronto. Anarchists are organizing the demonstration as a part of the larger mobilization in opposition to the G20 meetings.

This is a statement of our perspective and intention for the demo, more details to come soon.

We want to expand our solidarity in struggle against prison. We want people to join us and directly confront the systems of social control. We want to be everything prison isn’t: uncontrollable, joyful, creative…

The location for this demo T.B.A.

Keep the date marked off, we’ll see you in the streets!

For updates and more info:

FWFPweb.pdf4.2 MB


If it is change you protester's are looking for, why would you not try and do it democratically? Through voting, the thing that so many Canadians have died for. If you really believe there are enough of you out there to protest and make a difference, why not put those numbers towards a vote and change the government from the inside? If you lose (which obviously you have since you are resorting to guerrilla tactic protesting), that would mean the majority of Canadians dont want what YOU want and are happy, or at least partial happy, with the way things have turned out. What this sounds like is a 5 year old not getting what they want and throwing a tantrum.

Please grow up and try to make changes the right way, that is what makes us Canadian