A No-State Solution: How Israeli Hegemonism Undermines Peace

Takes a look at Hamas' rise to power in the Gaza Strip and recent Hamas-Israeli violence in light of actions taken by the state of Israel; blames Israel's insistence on Hegemonism and Cold-Waresque tactics for recent violence; advocates a peace that can exist without the state.

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A walk through history's

A walk through history's untold lessons in the Gaza Strip and environs makes me think that the Latest FP that compares "Peace in the Middle East" and a false religion is correct.

I only wish there were more on this topic since this is such a unique perspective.

Good luck.

A good read with a couple of typos that would make this perfect if you can edit them out.

"makeshift" under the picture
"to" instead of "t" as the last word on one of the pages (don't know the page number)
"truth" rather than "true" in either the last paragraph or the second to the last paragraph when the IRA leader is compared to Arafat.