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I am always looking for a way to wake people up to the dead end path that they and their leaders are following. Christianity, the USA, Capitalism, New Age Selfishness, these all lead nowhere except to war and terrible
suffering. It is the way we think about problems that causes us to fail at being human and to support insane ideas, like economic growth, representative democracy and private cars, private property and international trade.

This is fiction, but so is everything that I have found in 30 years of research... stories... and most of them lead no where.

Ecosolidarity economics was written long before localization or de-growth concepts were promoted.

De-growth at this point in tine can only be used as a band aid false solution.

In our latest screenplays (stories) we posit the idea of Anarcho-Islam (AN-IS).

This booklet helps to introduce and explain this concept.

The need fo r God i s at the hear t of every prob lem, every symptom and every
cho i ce tha t we have. Western secular society has tried and failed to fill
this gap. That is to be expected. The most obvious thing in the world is
that social evolution is slower than commerce, the market or politics. That
is why the Pope refuses birth control or Islam globalization – westernization. They are not ready. Or in the Pope’s case, he is desperate to present some meaning – some force, power and control that will help people believe and think or pray harder. The Vatican is confused by its inability to command or inspire. But the Pope, the outrageousness of the
Catholic Creed and the bizarre concept of Jesus – like all things in the West - could not hope but fail. This is the Gap between Truth and outrageousness. This is how evil enters the world as seen in the epidemic of Catholic priestly child abuse (!) and the inability of many Christian churches to attract new priests. Evangelicals succeed in the mega-city slums of the South by copying Islam's social work programs (Hamas, Hizbollah, Muslim Brotherhood...).

Please read al of these materials and see if you can think of a story that transcends or improves upon our ideas... time is running out even as it becomes irrelevant ...

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This quote should explain everything.

"The Taliban in Afghanistan provide clues to the plans for spreading of a Global Caliphate with the phasing in of Sharia Law over the entire world. Respect for other respectful religious groups and allies of any persuasion will be guaranteed." (!!!)
This is a pretty weird pamphlet but has nothing to do with anarchism, even leaving aside the question of religion. The author calls for a global Islamic state, and extremely authoritarian measures to get there, often relying on the police. Very weird.