Smart Tart #1 A Sexual Health Zine for Women, Trans and Queer People

Smart Tart #1

Smart Tart is a sex positive zine about sexual health promotion for women, trans and queer people. Folks of all genders and orientations are welcome to collaborate. The main goals of the zine are:

1.Promote Sexual Health and highlight processes to eliminate barriers to access care.

2.Provide comprehensive sexuality education to a broad base of folks.

3.Provide education and outreach support for folks working in sexual health related fields.

4.Advocate for access to comprehensive Sexual Health services for all throughout their lifespans.

5.Promote and publish research and evaluation in Sexual Health.

We uphold everyone's right to a self-affirming and an enjoyable sexuality. Smart Tart Press aims to raise awareness on how experiences of trauma, exposure to violence, and unequal access to care increase health disparities among women, transgender and queer people's health.

Download at: (25.3 mb)

Awww, I can't get this

Awww, I can't get this through any of the links. =[