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for all you wander luster's out there! from 2006..still usefull if ya know what your lookin for..and for you rail nazi's, quit bein a proverbial bitch..shareing is careing! may the wind be at your back and the sun on your face! bk...


This manual has been on the Internet since 2007 on The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites. Making this manual available on Zine Library doesn't change the fact that it is still widely available on the Internet. This manual was originally intended to be passed from hand to hand.

Riding trains can be dangerous! Inexperienced riders should not think of this manual as a complete resource on train hopping. Nor should people assume any information in this manual is secret. Consider riding with an experienced train rider before going out alone.

What should inexperienced train riders know to not get their legs cut off, or open the freight door from the inside, or what the train riding experience can be like down to planning to have enough food and water? Where can people go to get good information on train etiquette and safety?


"There are so many reasons why it has been circulated on a personal basis for so many years. I know a lot of people who have ridden without proper instruction and got themselves hurt or arrested, or worse. Having this information publicly available can only hurt our already dwindling lifestyle, by making it available to newer riders without having proper instruction on how to ride, and where to hide.

Etiquette plays just as important a role as knowing where to get on and off the train, not to mention that having it openly available puts it at risk of falling into the hands or rail cops and real cops alike."

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PLEASE take this down

Please, PLEASE take this down. This is only putting it on another website, and making it harder for those of us who ride to ride. Also, this is Six years out of date, your not helping anyone with that...
It was said before, stop blowin up the fucking spot, (you oogle)