The Guide to writing a ROCK & RAP song(In 5 Easy Steps)

Here is how to Create your very own ROCK & RAP song!

1-First you need to know what its going to be about, think about something in your life, or something you hate, like or anything involving something in YOUR life.

2-Now that you picked something in your life think of words to SUMMARIZE it in and write it down, must be 4-5 lines/sentences long(this will be your chorus).

3-Now use the thing in your life you picked, but instead of summarizing it, write it down word from word, sentence from sentence,dont be afraid to go into detail,just not too much, must be 2-3 paragraphs or 12-16 lines/ this is your 1st verse(if you want it to be a ROCK & RAP be sure to make the lyrics/words rhyme.)

4-now just complete steps 2 & 3, but make the chorus(step 2) the same lyrics/words and the verse (step 3) different lyrics/words.

5-you can write over 3 verses if you want but be sure to include a chorus between each of them(most songs have 2-3 verses and 3-4 choruses)

now you created your very own rock and rap song


what did i just read?