If A Man Commits Rape In Newtown And No One Knows How To Deal With It... Then Did It Ever Really Happen?

Trigger Warning: This zine deals with the subject of rape.

This zine was adapted from the zine "If A Man Commits Rape In IV And No One Is About To Stop It... Then Did It Ever Really Happen?" I came across that zine when I was dealing with my own rape, and the sentiments expressed were frighteningly similar to my experience of being raped and of trying to address it in an activist/radical/anarchist identified community. I felt validated and also enraged reading it, knowing that something as horrible as rape and getting away with it could be so common in communities that claim to stand against sexual assault and gendered violence. I want to give credit to the folks that wrote that zine, and who expressed so adequately some of the primary issues surrounding dealing with rape in our communities. It provided a template for me to also be able to voice my own experiences.

The original zine was written about a rape experience in the American community of Isla Vista, California. This zine was written about a rape experience in the Australian community of Sydney, New South Wales.

You can write to me at love_and_rage@riseup.net

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PDF upside down

Hey, sorry. The PDF is upside down for some reason. I'll try to fix it. It also opens up on the middle pages rather than the cover page. But it's all set for print format, so if you download it and print it out it's ready to be collated into a double-sided zine. And the pages are numbered so it should be pretty straightforward.