Anti-Drug Mun Meetz His Match: Drug Duel Comix pages 1-6 of 10

Apparently, part of this comix zine I put up elsewhere got censored, likely due to politically incorrect content. When I can, I will put up the last 4 pages of the zine.

But for now, you get a look at the best part of the work, with an ending that you get to guess at for now!

He he he!

DrugDuelComix1thru6of10.pdf1.27 MB

Just a little important info about this comic story

NOTE: there's no cover for this "zine" as it was part of a bunch of stories. And when I sold it, i didn't usually put a cover on it. Tho I'll look around and see what I can find, and maybe have a cover for this thing!

Yes, it is a little awkward and mis-representative to have the first page be a look back at the 1988 comic I did, fully naive and trusting of the status quo.