Zinelibrary.info Needs a New Host ASAP!


The host of this website recently switched servers against the will of zinelibrary to a Virtual Private Server that costs 600% more than the previous hosting. This is way out of the price range for the people who currently pay to have the site online.

This site has always been free and we have never asked for money. The site is under threat and needs a new server as soon as possible. We can kick down a hundred bucks a year for costs toward the new host. We prefer a radical tech collective than a corporate server if you know of one?


pirate (zinelibrary (at) riseup (dot) net)

P.S. If the site goes offline soon know that people are working to get it back up.
Monthly stats:
Bandwidth: 241412.367 MB
Disc usage: 17 GB
Database: 595.189 MB

Is there any way to backup

Is there any way to backup the zines in various torrents?