D.I.Y. Anarchy--Getting Started for the New Anarchist

A small guide for those who are new to anarchy, who are without other anarchists who can support them, or are afraid or have difficulty performing direct action. Advice from my own experiences and the experiences of others.

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What is anarchism?

My LORD (not because I believe in such bullshit).........
How can you post this, how can you even suggest that people, young people should read this!? To sneak out of their room, hide their books... Do nothing to question their closest, their parents.... INSTEAD, make teens or others distances themselves from their most loved.

And also, you encourage people sneak behind backs, not to take a debate with the school about topics like the military... Take debates on politics, voting and stuff!

Have you, the author of this and the people who read this.. Have any of you read Emma Goldman's book, her own story of the early anarchism in America, it's fantastic and it is loving, it's about the fight for human right, and a non-class society... Where she, a woman in 1880-1940 fight against the capitalistic pigs. She's putting herself out there, fighting...
But honestly and directly to everyone, not sneaking or hiding....

THAT is what anarchism is about!

Throw this piece of shit in the e-trashcan!