True Cost of Coal: Toxic Coal Waste 101


This zine includes:
-What is Sludge?
-Slurry Impoundments and Injections
-Ingredients & Side Effects
-The Ghosts of Disasters Past
-Marsh Fork Elementary
-Coal River Mountain
-Fly Ash: Post-Combustion Coal Waste
-TVA Disaster
-Fly Ash in Massachusetts
-Other Resources

Seattle General Strike (The)



An Account of What Happened in Seattle and

Especially in the Seattle Labor Movement, During the General Strike, February 6 To 11, 1919

Printer-ready PDF (429k) file attached

Originally issued by the History Committee
of The General Strike Committee, March, 1919

Printed by The Bum Press, Charlestown, Mass, March, 1972


Reprinted by


Seattle, 2009

Anti-2010 Information Against the Olympic Industry


No Olympics on Stolen Native Land

how to public transit: vancouver bc to portland or


tiny color one page (front and back) zine on taking public buses to travel up/down western washington connecting vancouver bc & portland or * includes times maps directions prices alternative routes ~ enjoy

Sticks and Stones #1


Sticks and Stones seeks to provide a mouthpiece as well as a forum for the Santa Cruz radical community—a means of communicating among ourselves, and with the general public as well, on topics of personal and social concern. We are interested in publishing essays, articles, rants, and visions of all kinds which come from this community and this region. We are interested in words that are not content to sit still on the page, but can jump off of it to set the world on fire!  read more »

Revolutionary Autonmous Communites


2 - Revolutionary Autonomous Communities - Who We Are, What we believe, What we Fight for

3 - Cop Whatch Los Angeles GC check-a-pig (WWW.COPWATCHLA.ORG 877 8 NO COPS)

4 - Know Your Food, Know You

5 - Editorial

6 - The System Is The Trouble!

7 - Links / Ressources
Link that works:

Green Anarchy Magazine

Russian anarchists, The

Pink and Black Attack #1


This is the first issue of the new queer anarchist periodical Pink and Black Attack. Enjoy!

Fire to the Prisons #5


Fire to the Prisons #5
An insurrectionary anarchist quarterly publication.

Anarchist News Letter - ATubes Feburary 2009


To commemorate the exciting developments at Anarchist News and in anarchodom around the world we have created a static page for the Anarchist News newsletter ATubes. The latest and greatest ATubes will always be there. Check out This months issue.  read more »

Anarchism, or the Revolutionary Movement of the 21st Century, by Graeber and Grubacic


David Graeber and Andrej Grubacic's essay "Anarchism, or the Revolutionary Movement of the 21st Century", addressing changes in anarchist philosophy and praxis commencing with the anti-globalization movement.

Zialiony kraj Зялёны край №1/1999


Укладаньне, рэдактура й карэктура Максіма Капрана
Выданьне падрыхтавана Творчым цэнтрам "Фракцыя Клёк" у рамках праграмы "Экаінформ"
Менск, 1999
А5, 24 с.

- Навіны
- Что такое "Марш парков"
- Экспэдыцыя "Дзеці Зямлі"
- Марш "За бязатамную Беларусь"

ABC's of "Fuck Myspace", The

fuck myspace.jpg

The ABC's of "Fuck Myspace"

Essay about DIY Punk culture and reliance on capitalist technology. This was once a zine, but we couldn't find hard copies or pdf files, so we reformatted it for yall to enjoy.

Anarchist News Letter - ATubes January 2009


Anarchist News ( will continue to be a non-sectarian source for news about and of concern to anarchists. As part of our mission we have concern that the most recent news about what truly is a world wide anarchist resurgence is being limited to the Internet. As part of our effort to bringing anarchist news we are now providing a monthly recap of anarchist news that has passed through our wire and offering it to you for printing and distribution.  read more »

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