Political Prisoners' Birthdays Poster in April 2012

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Please Print this out and write to these prisoners. Better, post it publicly and use it to host a card writing night.

Keep on fighting,
Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

Do-It-Yourself Occupation Guide, The: 2012 Redux


A new occupation guide, as a continuation and re-adjustment of the previous DIY occupation guide that emerged during the student movement in the fall of 2009. This guide takes into account the strategy and tactics of the previous student movement in relation to Occupy Oakland and the J28 Move-In Assembly.  read more »

Men in the Feminist Struggle


Table of Contents:
1. "Men in the Feminist Struggle- the Necessary Movement" by bell hooks
2. "I Want a 24 Hour Truce" by Andrea Dworkin
3. "Feminist Activism and Male Sexual Identity" by John Stoltenberg
4. "Deep Inside the Mind of a Manarchist" by Kooky

real copies available From Firestarter Press & maybe AK press.
This is a copy of a copy, forgive me for the quality.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sambo: One African’s Thoughts on the Subject of Black Self-Colonialism


The grandly erroneous accusation, that non-Whites are ultimately responsible for their own disenfranchisement and sociopolitical poverty in White societies, is simply not true.  read more »

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back: a collection of tactical knowledge for students and others



The Formation of Crews: A Tactic in Expanding Our Strength and Autonomy
Occupation: a do-it-yourself guide
Universities as Spaces of Subversion
Security Awareness
Street Demonstration Tips
Why Wear a Mask?
Paint Bombs
Further Reading


Cosmoqueer #4


Cosmoqueer #4
The self-care issue

Community How To ~2nd Year Edition~ February 22 2012

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Community How To
~2nd Year Edition~

Community theory, communication, and ideas and resources for starting a community with the Lorax Manner Student Cooperative in Eugene, Oregon, as a case study.  read more »

Political Prisoners' Birthdays in March 2012


Please Print this out and write to these prisoners. Better, post it publicly and use it to host a card writing night.

This version has Fran Thompson's address updated.

Hugo Pinell's Address has a slight update as well as his preferred name and biography.

Keep on fighting,
Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

Small Town Organizing for Anarchists

Cover: Small Town Organizing for Anarchists

This zine contains a wealth of helpful suggestions for anarchists living in small towns who want to create anarchy. Topics covered include finding other anarchists, deciding on what projects to work on, figuring out how to relate to liberals, and doing a distro--this zine is full of good ideas and advice.  read more »

You Are not Durutti, But We Are Uncontrollable: Beyond a Critique of Non-Violence

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"Thus, our movement is nihilistic, in that it is a conscious negative force that attacks the existing order as a means of demolishing the dictatorship of capital. Yet, at the same time it is also a positive material force – that while destroying the separations between us, it communizes the means of existence in the same breath.  read more »

Direct Action Tactics

Direct Action Tactics Zine Cover

The zine is made of of selections from a book titled We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-capitalism that was edited by Notes from Nowhere. The original book chronicles the anti-capitalist/anti-globalization movement of the late-1990s and early-2000s. Consequently, a lot of the tactics discussed here come out of that context.  read more »

Tides of Flame #11


early december 2011

How to Occupy a Vacant Building

All Power to the Glaziers: Recent Actions

Black Diamond Vs. YarrowBay

Forgotten History: The Earth Liberation Front

Thieves Like Us: An Anonymous Letter

My So-Called Life: I am an Anarchist Nanny

Letters from Anarchist Prisoners of the "Bombs Case" in Chile


This document is a collection of letters from the Chilean anarchist “Bombs Case” prisoners, in an effort to share and spread their ideas beyond the prison walls.  read more »

No We Can't All Just Get Along:Hip Hop, Gang Unity and the LA Riots

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For folks who are interested in understanding the LA riots of 1992 this is the zine for you. While the zine Three Days that Shook the New World Order is an alright attempt at understanding the riots, one is left with the notion that the Chicago Surrealist Group just seized upon the riots as a way to explain their manufactured boring rhetoric.  read more »

Black Autonomous Movements: New Dynamics in Black Liberation


A zine version of a new essay by politicized prisoner Robert "Saleem" Holbrook.  read more »

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