Olympia CopWatch

Are you satisfied with the Just Us system? Do you like the creeping
police state that has taken over your country, protecting and serving
property at the expense of your liberty and your health? We dont like
these things either and we're going to make a place here to discuss
what went wrong, and what we can do to make it right. We're seeking

Justice is not an abstract ideal, but a real and
fundamental root for any progressive movement. We must solve the basic
safety and security questions even as we dismantle the state, or the
state will re-create itself and our efforts will fail. How do we
protect personal property without serving capital? How do we treat
people who abuse us, or who abuse our children? How do we free our
brothers and sisters who have been captured in their efforts to defend
our biosphere? These questions must be faced, and to be successful, we
must answer them differently than our overseers. Sorry officers.

Copwatch Goals (from Berkeley Copwatch)

Our main goal is to reduce police violence by directly observing the
police on the street, documenting incidents and keeping police
accountable. We maintain principles of non-violence while asserting the
rights of the detained person. We provide support to victims whenever
possible. We also seek to educate the public about their rights, police
conduct in the community and issues related to the role of police in
our society.

Our other goal is to empower and unite the community to
resist police abuse. We will do this by sharing information with the
community, conducting "Know Your Rights" trainings, sponsoring rallies,
supporting victims and other community based efforts to deal with the
problem. We also encourage people to solve problems WITHOUT police
intervention. We want to explore alternatives to calling the police.
Most importantly, we encourage people to exercise their right to
observe the police and to advocate for one another.

Current Projects:

Did an Olympia Police officer work a double shift just before he shot someone to death?

Tickets and Citations written by each officer January 2008
through September 15 2008. This is just page one.
We have lots of volunteer hours to offer on this one!

Links to find useful information about local police and Jail Inmates

Olympia Police Request Form for Documents - May 2008

Photo of MayDay Daily Work Plan.

Thurston County Jail Inmate Lookup -> external site!

Olympia PD Feb 2008 Car Index

Olympia PD Shift Supervisors Cell Number and Shift Index from late July 2008 data. MS Document file.

Olympia PD Ten Years Salary Increase Comparison 1998-2008. MS Excel Sheet.

Olympia PD Officers 2008 Page One. Image file for use with an OCR program.

Olympia PD Officers 2008 Page Two. Image file for use with an OCR program.

Olympia PD Marked Cars. Image file for use with an OCR program.

Olympia PD TASER Serial Number Page One. Image file for use with an OCR program.

Olympia PD TASER Serial Number Page Two. Image file for use with an OCR program.

Olympia PD Special Operations October Schedule. JPEG Image.

City of Olympia Police Daily Activity Reports - PDF format -> external site!

WSP Directory of License Numbers and Helmet Numbers for Sworn Law Enforcement Officers

WSP List of employees from 2005 (Thanks to Louis Bloom)

Tacoma Police List (Full list, 2007)

TASER use by OPD

Drew Hendricks has been investigating the use of TASERs by the Olympia
Police Department. Here is an article he submitted to the seattle
indymedia site in December 2005:

Here is a December, 2004 Seattle P-I article about the issue:

And here is a 2003 article on the subject from Works In Progress:

OPD Citizen Oversight

There is an ongoing discussion of citizen oversight of the Olympia
Police Department at olyblog.net. Drew Hendricks has posted Olympia
Copwatch's position in the context of that discussion. Here is a link
to the discussion:


For more information about Olympia Copwatch and how to help, please contact Drew Hendricks at 360-870-3127.