Poland, Committee In Support Of Solidarity, 1981, December 21

Press Advisory
Polish Workers Taskforce
December 21, 1981

Committee In Support Of Solidarity

Is calm reigning in Warsaw?

Given the confusion in the mass media about the events in Poland, we decided to issue a daily bulletin based on the official Warsaw radio reporting.

Even from the heavily censored news a clear immage appears: calm doesn't reign in Poland. The official Polish media report about unrest in Poland in order to intimidate the population. We believe that they report only a very small fraction of what is really happening. It's nevertheless quite revealing.

December 14 Radio Warsaw reports:

* At the UNITRA factory in Bialogard, 4 Solidarity members have been arrested for inciting the strike there. Their names are Zdzislaw Benckiewicz, Makary Kalas, Pawel Szumski, Henryk Podsiadlo. They will be tried by a Military Tribunal.

* At the Institute of Nuclear Research at Swierk (near Warsaw), 2 members of Solidarity have been arrested: Zenon Nowak (a worker--head of Solidarity at the Institute) and Tadeusz Pacuszko. They are accused of organizing a strike and will be tried by a Military Tribunal.

* Solidarity members organized strikes at the Warski Shipyard in Szczecin, the Warsaw Steelmill, and the Warsaw Academy of Agriculture.

* Philosophy students have been arrested at Warsaw University for distributing leaflets calling for strikes.

* There were strikes at the Parnica Shipyard and Gryfin Shipyard in Szczecin, and at the Swierczewski factory in Warsaw.

* Several managers were recalled for "refusing to carry out the orders of the Decree of the State of War:" Jan Togola - WSK-PZL Swidnik; Edward Nicke - POLMO Krosno; Stanislaw Matuski--vice-manager POLMO Krosno. The manager of Ursus Tractor factory was fired for "indolence."

* In Loda, 4 factories were on strike.

* There were "work stopages" in Warsaw, Kracow, Loda, Silesia.

* In Lodz, students and high school students were rebelling.

* Students of the Medical Academy in Cracow and Polytechnik in Warsaw were on strike.

* At the Warsaw Medical Academy leaflets were distributed signed by Solidarity. leaders: Krupinski, Konarski, Waszkiewica and Przygodzki.

* The prosecutor's office for Warszawa-Mokotow declared that 80 pounds "of illegally printed materials" were seized. Some were dated December 13 and 14.

* * *

The New York information center of the Committee in Support of Solidarity is in regular contact with Solidarity sources in Europe, including those in Stockholm, London, and Paris. Reports from those sources come to the New York office by telephone, and are translated immediately.

Solidarity sources in Europe gather information by monitoring communications in Poland; by interviewing Polish emigres and foreign travelers allowed to leave; and from other sources.

The following items are the most recent reported through the date above. For past reports, contact the New York office.

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