Problems adding zines to this site and adding pictures to zines

Hey all, some people are having trouble uploading their zines to the site. We have a 7 mb upload limit imposed on us by our server. Files over 7 mb just don't show up and have to be manually uploaded. For zines over 7mb upload them to another site and link to them here.

Some zine entries don't have zines attached because the "attach" button wasn't pressed to upload the zine file to the site.

to add a .pdf file go to the "file attachments" on the zine entry form.

Browse for the .pdf file you want to upload on your computer. Then hit the "attach" button and let it upload. Then hit submit at the bottom to publish your zine.

To add a picture of the zine cover with the zine, select "attached images" on the zine entry form and browse for the picture on your computer. The image file uploads when you hit "submit" and publish the zine entry. Make pictures .jpg or .gif files types.

To make a picture of the zine cover, open the zine in a photo editing program. Select the first page and crop it to include the cover. Save it as a .jpg or gif file.

If you make a mistake adding a zine, just re-enter it and we can hide the older entry.

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