QUEER HSPVA: An Introduction to Queer Activism and HSPVA's Gender and Sexuality Alliance

Zine created for distribution to high-schoolers already involved in "Gay-Straight Alliances" or other queer student organizations in Houston, TX. Please distribute to such teenagers in your area!

Contents: Selections from Queers Read This! (Queer Nation Manifesto), Primary-source timeline of queer history in the United States, Gender and Sexuality Alliance v. Gay-Straight Alliance, Allyship 101, Anti-Oppression glossary

Quarter-size zine ready to print - the cover is only one sided, but all subsequent pages should be printed double-sided

contact hspva.gsa@gmail.com or janelforeman@gmail.com w/ questions, concerns, comments, blah blah

gsa_zine_final.pdf55.9 MB