Race Traitor No 4 1995 Winter

Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity
Number 4 Winter 1995
Manifesto of a Dead Daughter, by Patricia Eakins 1
Police Assisted Homicide, by Joel Olson 6
White Silence, White Solidarity, by Christine E. Sleeter 14
Family Matters, by John Garvey 23
Abolish the Jewish Caste, by Adam Sabra 34
Lucasville Update, by Chryztof Knecht 56
White Blues, by Paul Garon 57
Unlettered, by Irving Ignatin 67
Poems, by John Strucker 77
Reviews: 80
Ware, Beyond the Pale Susan Pennybacker
Allen, Invention of the White Race David Roediger
Segrest, Memoir of a Race Traitor Maryon Gray
Exchange with a Socialist Critic 98
Correspondence 106
What We Believe inside back cover

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