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November 2008- A large group of GLBTQ activists protest the notoriously homophobic Mt. Hope Church in Lansing, Michigan. The anonymous protesters sit quietly in the service until an agreed upon moment when they jump up, kiss each other, and scatter leaflets (specifically aimed at supporting GLBTQ youth in the congregation who are shamed and silenced by programs designed to “cure” queers.) They drop a banner from the balcony that reads: “It’s OK to be GAY! Bash Back!” The protest is high-profile, well-documented and claimed by Bash Back, but despite this, the police are unable to charge them with breaking a single law.

Instead, six months later, 13 out and radical queers from around the Midwest are served with a massive civil suit by the Alliance Defense Fund, the same conservative Christian legal foundation that is championing Prop 8 in California courts. ADF may add up to 20 more “Jesse Does” as defendants, meaning that an infinitely wide circle of visible queers could eventually be targeted.

The hundreds of thousands of dollars demanded by the ADF obviously have nothing to do with real damages sustained by the Mt. Hope Church and have everything to do with defending a power relation, in which wealthy Christian groups can promote trash such as “ex-gay counseling” without any dissent at all. If the Mt. Hope Infinity (the 13 now named, plus anyone else singled out to be attacked) are found liable, this won’t just wreck them, but everyone else who can’t fit in and stay silent.

We can’t let the Mt. Hope Church and Alliance Defense Fund get away with this.

Support the Mt. Hope Infinity!

Not enough people know about the case - spread the word and spread the posters. Active solidarity and funds are desperately needed.

(This poster was not produced by the Mt. Hope Infinity, but by independent supporters.) \\\\

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