Direct Action Survival Guide


How to print these pamphlets out

To View zines get a PDF Viewer at Adobe , Foxit, CoolPDF or some other pdf viewer then open pdf file.

To Print Zines:

(***Note**** if zines have odd page numbers then they have a cover page. Print the cover page separately)  read more »

You Can't Vote Against a Yuppie Takeover


11" x 17"

Stuff the Boss Doesn't Want You to Know

A quick guide to rights at work

- by workers - for workers -

Solidarity Federation

Warrior Wind #3, The

Against a society of confinement, "Blow, wild wind, blow!".
Mid May 2007

Voices of Resistance from Occupied London


Anarchist Quarterly Journal of theory and Action from the British Capitol After the Empire, Issue 1

Spring 2007

Download at:
http://zinelibrary.info/files/voices_issueone_lowres.pdf (14.3 mb)

Civil War in Venezuela, The

socialism to the highest bidder

Prepared by Nachio
for the Red and Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) June 17, 2006

Threat of Non-Violence, The


by Potemkin

"Drop that flower comrade, and pick up your gun!"

Total Destruction #3


March 2007
xstraightedge fanzine against the ruling orderx
for solidarity, theory and attack

Total Destruction #4


a straightedge zine against the ruling order
Queer dispatches from central Kentucky
critical analysis, communist pessimism
issue #4 summer 2007

Stop Paying for Shit


The college Edition:

A mini-manual of scams, cons and grifts to exploit higher education

by DIzzIE

Dezember 2006

How to Smash Everything


an anarchist source book

Singlethorn Collective 2007

I'd Only Sell Myself to the Sidewalk


a bit about art in our world
by the Black Lobster Collaboration
Feb 2007

Sad Tale of Parting, A


Fuck Cars: a primer on road spiking

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