Direct Action #36

by the Solidarity Federation (UK)
International Workers Association

Spring/Summer 2006

Demand the Impossible #5

The voice of Creating Local Autonomy and Solidarity in Hartford CT

by the CLASH Collective

#5 March 17, 2006

Critical Thinking as an Anarchist Weapon


Some tools for debates, discussions, meetings, study groups and in developing an incisive anarchist theory and practice

a Venomous Butterfly Publication

Constitution, The

resurrection of an imperial system

Chapter 3 of Toward an American Revolution: Exposing the Constitution and other Illusions

by Jerry Fresia

History is a Lie agreed upon

Calls and Reports #1

thoughts for global anti-G8 actions

G8 Heiligendamm 2007

Breaking the MANacles


an anti-patriarchy reader

Bloody Wake of Alcatraz, The


Political Repression of the American Indian Movement During the 1970's
by Ward Chruchill

Baltimore's Forgotten Insurrection

Baltimore's forgotten insurrection shows us how disconnected we are from our history

1877 rebellion

Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention


essays by Wolfi Landstricher

Aufheben: Class re-composition in Argentina

Argentina 2001-2002

Are you In? Radical Road Trip

issue #1 Summer/Fall 2007

for more info



Affinities: a Journal of Radical Theory, Culture and Action


Edited by
Richard J.F. Day and Sarita Srivastava

ABC's of Revolution, The


Part two of: Contribution to the revolutionary struggle, to be discussed, corrected,and principally, put in action without delay

by Raoul Vaneigem

Kapital, Class and Workers

1148074109Capital, Class and Workers (AKA)-1.jpg

by Ali Khalid Abdullah

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