Arson #1.


Arson #1.
A5 zine. 72 pages.

A new zine issuing from the murky Australian anarchist underground, with a definate focus on militant direct action. Extracts from Derrick Jensen's forthcoming book on bringing down civilization, an amazing piece by Aboriginal activist Kevin Buzzacott, a whole bunch of awesome
anarcha-feminist material - self defence tips, anti-rape articles, even a short story - and then a whole host of other stuff, some of it thoughtful, much of it vengeful, and all of it desperate and
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Arson #2.


Arson #2.
A5 zine. 72 pages.
Another anonymous communique from some down under(ground) anarchists with a grudge against civilization. Contents include a report on the Palm Island uprising of late 2004, legendary Aboriginal activist Kevin Gilbert on violence, US anarcho-primitivist Kevin Tucker on 'Primal Guerilla Warfare', a critique of morality, and an extensive letters section.

What do You Think You are Doing, Officer


by Rob Thaxton

We all Live in Bhopal


An essay against the Empire
by David Watson

Willful Disobedience Vol 3 Issue 5


An Anarchist Bi-Monthly
November-December 2002
...the time has come to say things without mincing words.

Washington's Landless Tribes


Our Quest for Federal Tribal Recognition
by the Small Tribes Association of Western Washington

War Machine Continues...What are You Going to Do? The


compiled by Green Anarchy

Walls are Alive, The


a how-to graffiti guide for those who scheme and for those who dream
by Crimethinc.

Vivisection: Science or Sham


Roy Kupsinel, M.D. explodes the myth that animal research and its value to human health

Visit With an Old Friend, A


a True story
some prison statistics, prisoner support and contact info for beginners

Vegetarianism for Better Health


by Ben Ayer
January 1999

Vancouver Five: Armed Struggle in Canada, The


by Jim Campbell
April 2001

Untying the Knot


Feminism, Anarchism and Organization

The Tyranny of Structurelessness

by Jo Freeman

The Tyranny of Tyranny

by Cathy Levine

Turkey: Yesterday and Today


a Brief Political History of Turkey
by Gun Zileli and Ilhan Tekin

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http://zinelibrary.info/files/turkey.pdf (9.2 mb)

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