Point Of No Return


From the introduction:

Anarchists are made and not born. Many of us have stories about specific moments or experiences that marked a turning point, something that made us become anarchists, or realize we already were anarchists. We compiled this zine because we wanted to hear stories of what pushes people over the edge and help us imagine ways we can create breaking points for others.  read more »

If It Was Easy, They Wouldn't Call It Struggle

If It Was Easy, They Wouldn't Call It Struggle

"I don't want to do my imprisonment 'easy,' to succumb to a living death, I want to do it 'hard,' even if it means that I am brutalized. Even in prison I want to know that I am living every day of my life, to fight back as best I can." Mark Barnsley  read more »

Learned Helplessness In Relation to Capitalist Education - By Shaun Riley

Learned helplessness occurs when an animal or non-human animal is repeatedly exposed to an aversive stimulus that cannot be escaped. Consequently, the animal will stop attempting to avoid the stimulus and behave as though he or she is helpless to avoid or change the situation, even when these opportunities are present.  read more »

i am no hero, and neither are you: thoughts on how our histories of abuse inflect our anarchist practice

i am no hero.jpg

Contributions made in response to the prompt "How have our histories of abuse inflected our anarchist practice?"

-may be triggering.

-anonymous; keep it secret, keep it safe!

-title & quotes from Delete Me, I'm So Ugly. <3

-not imposed--print as booklet.

Bros Fall Back (Fixed)

bros fall back cover

A zine that explores sexism, racism, capitalism and more in the punk scene.

Bros Fall Back

bros fall back cover

A zine that explores sexism and racism in punk rock.

Truthaganda: Effective Information Distribution for Activists ~Oct 30, 2013~

An activist's guide to making signs, giving speeches, and convincing others they should support your cause.

Human Psychology and Reception of Information
-Appeal Emotionally to People
-Non-Violent Communication
-Logical Fallacies
-Color Psychology
-Respect Culture
-Advertising Techniques

Making a Flier  read more »

Community How To ~3rd Year Edition~ Oct 30 2013

Tri-House SCA

Community theory, communication, and ideas and resources for starting a community with the Lorax Manner Student Cooperative in Eugene, Oregon, as a case study.

The latest edition of Community How To includes the following sections:

 II. Sense of Community
      1) Boundaries
      2) Emotional Safety  read more »

Life Without Lol: An Introduction to Anarchist Lolitics

Armed Joy - Alfredo M. Bonanno


“‘Do it yourself.’ Don’t break up the global aspect of play by reducing it to roles. Defend your right to enjoy life. Obstruct capital’s death project. The latter can only enter the world of creativity and play by transforming who is playing into a “player’ the living creator into a dead person who cheats themselves into believing they are alive.”

1882 Distro  read more »

Negate City — An Anarchist Primer


Negate City — An Anarchist Primer (Computer-Readable)


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Anarchists Must Say What Only Anarchists Can Say - Monsieur Dupont

Anarchists Must Say What Only Anarchists Can Say

“It is not for anarchists to celebrate when `the people’ take over, anarchists ought not to be so amazed at examples of natural ingenuity and resilience, that is after all what they base all their principles on.  read more »

When Do We SNAP?

From the introduction to the zine:  read more »

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