Who Dat Is?: Masking Up with Long Cloth Things

A quick guide to masking up with long scarfs, keffiyehs and other long cloths.

Fixed(?) Public Record Contraband #3

I rue this moment. Three tries? Come on! soon enough we will all be techno-savvy.

Artwork created for February 20th by Kevin Rashid Johnson


by Kevin Rashid Johnson

Kevin 'Rashid' Johnson
Wallens Ridge State Prison
272 Dogwood Drive
P. O. Box 759
Big Stone Gap, VA
USA 24219

LEDs last for tens

LEDs last for tens
There LED table lamp will of course be some further expense relating to such things as buoyancy aids (a must!) and paddles but these can work out relatively cheaply particularly if you make use of the bargains to be found on ebay and we shall of course be happy to talk you through the options in these areas.  read more »

America, Fuck Yeah De-Motivational Poster

America, Fuck Yeah! De-motivational Poster

When one finds an image of a privileged American walking his dog with an SUV, there's little one can do to avoid making a de-motivational poster.

Civilization McDonald's Kid De-Motivational Poster

Civilization McDonald's Kid De-motivational Poster

Part of a continuing series of anti-civ posters using dictionary definitions of civilization and shocking images to promote primitivist politics.

Civilization Intellect De-Motivational Poster

Civilization Intellect De-Motivational Poster

This de-motivational poster is part of a series using dictionary definitions and amazing and horrifying images to demean, discredit, and vilify civilization. Enjoy!

Civilization De-motivational Poster

Civilization: Epic Fail

This is the second in a series of anarchist/politically-motivated joke de-motivational posters I'm developing. All your memes are belong to us!

Visit for more.

Emma Goldman Chaotic Good De-motivational Poster

Emma Goldman, Chaotic Good

This small poster is part of a series of anarchist and politically inspired de-motivational joke posters that I'm currently working on. Behold: now your favorite internet meme has come to zine library!

More at:

Revolt!: "I voted" Sticker Détournement


Don't vote... Revolt! then cut these stickers out and recognize each other for not legitimizing an oppressive majority rules system.

Angel of Chaos

Angel of Chaos

A pen and ink illustration of a mohawked female punk angel welding a flaming molotov and brandishing the shield of chaos.

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Free All Political Prisoners

Free All Political Prisoners
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