Barclay - Anthropology

An essay on Anthropology by Harold Barclay, the author of "People without Government".

Published in 1986 as the fourth part of a proposed Anarchist Encyclopaedia.

OFC Zine #2: The Holidays Issue

OFC zine is a zine made by OCC's Feminist Club. Issue 2 is "The Holidays Issue". Content of the zine includes articles on how gender influences gift giving, being a daddy's girl, and new year's resolutions and weight loss - other content includes poetry, mini profiles on women, and quotes.

Street Art and Revolution - A Brief History

Street Art and Revolution

A phamphlet looking at the use of street art and graffiti in revolutionary movements. Among the examples looked at are the famous screen printed posters of Paris May 1968, IRA along with other republican and revolutionary murals in Northern Ireland and the murals of Sandinista Nicaragua.  read more »

DeColonization of an American Nation at Home: a Manifesto of Possibility

I found this somewhere, and found it very interesting, about De/Colonization from 1998. I'm not too sure if this particular document has been uploaded before, but if it's a duplicate then many apologies, the site is acting strangely.

Playing with Fire

Anarchist ideas are not dead things, to be viewed as a logical conclusion of certain ideas of justice, equality or "humanity." There is no logical series, no precise and irrefutable argument that must convince a rational person.  read more »

OFC Zine #1: The Halloween Issue


This is a feminist zine put out by OCC's Feminist Club. Issue 1 is Halloween themed! Inside you'll find articles about feminism, halloween costumes, and horror films as well as poetry and statistics about gender inequality

xTome 1

News and information about religious freedom and persecution

Autonomous Resistance to Slavery and Colonization

Autonomous Resistance to Slavery and Colonization

two essays by Russell "Maroon" Shoats

not yr cister press

Queens, Hookers, and Hustlers: Organizing For Survival and Revolt Amongst Gender-Variant Sex Workers, 1950-1970

Queens, Hookers, and Hustlers

A selection from Mack Friedman's "Strapped for Cash: a History of American Hustler Culture."

From the Introduction:  read more »

Cover Your Forehead!

Tactical lessons from the case of Portland area anarchist Pax.

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back! (Half-Size)

Half-size reformat of a tactical zine that came out of the Montreal student strikes in the spring of 2012.

How It Is To Be Fun

A zine written to new participants in black blocs. Contains tactical suggestions and other practical advice.

LIP and the Self-Managed Counter Revolution


LIP and the Self-Managed Counter Revolution by the French journal Négation

Originally published in English in 1975 by Black & Red. This edition published in 2006 by re-pressed.

Brav_a #1 a queer-feminist teen-mag


Brav_a {spanish: fierce, rough, angry, brave} is a queer-feminist zine, with partly serious, partly ironic content about topics like love, sex, (body-, relationship-, hetero-, homo-) normativity, polyamory, the queer-feminist scene and much more in style of a teen-mag. The zine is bilingual meaning that about 50% of the texts/comics/etc. are in German and 50% in English.  read more »

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