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New Connections Manifesto, The

Call for a new radical networking journal based on (Dis)Connection.

Pilot issue which includes a call for submissions, South Side ARA Anti-Fascist Scene Report, Combat Emasculation of M.L. King by Mondo we Langa, a Three Sisters Companion Planting tutorial, and information on political prisoner Tsutomu Shirosaki.

Cultiver ou Mourir

Cultiver ou Mourir

Articles et temoinages sur le lutte paysan de Kulon Progo, Indonesie, contre un mine de fer.

PS English version available at http://www.mediafire.com/view/?qb8s4cwjplg4rop or http://hidupbiasa.blogspot.com

Islands of Autonomy - social centres in Indonesia and the Philippines

Islands of Autonomy

A collection of interviews with six autonomous spaces in Indonesia and the Philippines. The interviews were conducted at the start of 2011, and although the zine has existed for some time, it has unfortunately not been published online until now.  read more »

Robin the Hood - the Oso Blanco zine

oso blanco 2012.jpeg

The following zine is compilation of selected writings taken from letters from U.S. Penitentiaries from warrior Oso Blanco, written over a five-year period.  read more »

Community, Justice, and Solidarity

End Police Brutality in Providence

Communities of color across the US have historically been victims of police violence in various ways. This pamphlet offers analysis of police violence in our neighborhoods, proposes steps towards building alternatives to policing, and includes legal resources.

Insurrectionary Ecology

Insurrectionary Ecology

Insurrectionary Ecology: A Document for Dissemination and Discussion by anon

Published by re-pressed distribution in the UK

The Housing Monster, Part 2: The Neighborhood

The Housing Monster - The Neighborhood cover image

This zine is an excerpt from The Housing Monster by prole.info, including Part Two of the book: “The Construction Site”. We at hearts and fists distro have prepared this zine for your reading and printing (just 12 sheets!) pleasure; please freely redistribute.  read more »

Interview with Zig Zag on Idle No More (Eng/Fr)

Small zine in English and French for distribution at Idle No More events.

Interview can be read here:

highway to hell?: canamex, loop 202, and tar sands

Howard Zinn on the Limits of Nonviolence


While sometimes misrepresented as a pacifist, the beloved Howard Zinn was a genuine militant for much of his life.  read more »



Fuck the Police

Fuck the Police-1.jpg

ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS, ACAB! Anti-cop zine listing some of the many reasons to hate the pigs. Short, sweet and to the point.

World Without Cops, A (Oakland 2012)

A World Without Cops (Oakland 2012)-1.jpg

A simple, plain-language zine that uses concrete examples from Oakland 2009-2012 to help envision what a world without cops (and without capitalism) could look like. Uses examples from the Occupy movement and beyond to paint a picture of a communal, non-authoritarian world. Large, simple text and lots of pictures.  read more »

Massacre of Ashulia, The: Walmart's Human Incinerator

The Massacre of Ashulia, Walmart's Human Incinerator, cover

On November 24, 2012, a garment factory fire killed an estimated 120 people in Ashulia, Bangladesh. This zine includes an account of the fire and its context, "Death-trapped in a burning cage - the Ashulia inferno," by Red Marriott, originally published on libcom.org: http://libcom.org/news/death-trapped-burning-cage-ashulia-inferno-271120...  read more »

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