MAI PIU' DISARMATO - Dichiarazione politica di Haris Hatzimichelakis (Cospirazione delle Cellule di Fuoco)


Dichiarazione politica di
Haris Hatzimichelakis

"La Cospirazione delle Cellule di Fuoco è un gruppo di guerriglia
anarchica che, attraverso strutture organizzate di attacco,
promuove l’obiettivo rivoluzionario. Siamo parte di un progetto
rivoluzionario basato sul presente ma con gli occhi fissi al futuro,  read more »

Invitation, An


This is an invitation to disrupt the script of the Couple. (1 page)

In this miserable society dictated by oppressive social roles, you are cordially invited to break with the normalcy of everyday life in the ways that you relate with those whom you call friends.

OneAngryQueer #1, How Capitalism Will Kill Us All


OneAngryQueer is a radical political column published on Hivster.com and written by local Seattle organizer Ian Awesome. Ian is an HIV-positive queer anarchist who previously has worked in Occupy Seattle and now organizes with the Grand Legion of Incendiary and Tenacious Unicorn Revolutionaries (GLITUR). The column pieces published here have been unedited from their original posting.  read more »

Why is Cooper Union Being Occupied?


One of the last bastions of free education in the U.S. is under attack. This 24-page mini-zine contains occupiers’ statements, leaked administration documents, and newspaper articles explaining why New York City's Cooper Union school is currently being occupied by students.

More information on New York Year Zero: http://year0.org

Housing Monster, The, Part 1: The Construction Site


“You see in this world there’s two kinds of people my friend: those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”
-Blondie (from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly )  read more »

Dismantling the Master's House: excerpts on gender and work from The Housing Monster


Is your workplace or union dominated by the same old patriarchal bullshit? Do your "comrades" have no idea what feminism has to do with organizing? Are you trying to learn more about how sexism and capitalism are entangled? Here are two chapters on gender and work from The Housing Monster, for your printing and distroing convenience.  read more »

Chasing after ghosts: a critique of anarchist organizing, and its worst contradictions, in the North American context


The thrust of this critique is not pointed towards individual convictions, ideas and desires. As always, the greater the scope of our generalizations, the more exceptions we leave outside. These are responses to general trends and tendencies observed in the North American anarchist milieu.  read more »

At high tide...the ship will rise


On the 18th of December, 2005, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the production studio of Marcelo Tinelli (television magnate and producer of Ideas del Sur) was robbed. Ideas del Sur and Marcelo Tinelli are heavily involved with the funding and creation of the Trafipan 2000 tourism project,  read more »

Go With Your Gut: Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Diet Primer


"A nutritional regimen to heal the gut, repair immunity, and make a damaged body whole again."

Here's the first published version. Keep an eye out for the new edition and a recipe zine. Be well!

RockPaperScissors - Issue 13

RockPaperScissors - Issue 13 Cover

Issue 13 of RockPaperScissors is out!

Another issue of creative non-fiction from a variety of viewpoints, with some awesome subvertising and poetry thrown in..

For past and future issues visit www.rpszine.net & podcasting (almost) weekly at www.rpsradio.net

CC – By, NC, SA

Lies: a journal of materialist feminism Volume 1, 2012


LIES is a new journal spearheaded by a feminist collective based in Oakland, Baltimore, Los Angeles and New York City.

LIES is a communist journal against communists.

LIES is a platform for certain conversations and critiques that are difficult, impossible or dangerous if cis men are in the room.  read more »

Designing the Future of Sex by Eleanor Saitta


Selected Writings of Gender Anarky (updated version)


We've updated and changed our zine version of the selected writings of Gender Anarky! Please distro this version rather than the older one if you're interested in spreading Gender Anarky's writing. Thanks!

-the gender anarky support team


The Battenberg Group Zine Issue Two

Bringing you words, images and ideas all derived from the jam-filled centre of the multi-coloured god-like love cake

This issue:
protest / october 20th/ quebec / squatting/ benefits / swimming

for more check out


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