Against the Reversal: Two Essays against the Reversal of Enbridge's Line 9 Pipeline


from http://hamiltonline9.wordpress.com

This small zine collects two essays advocating for resistance to the reversal of Enbridge's Line 9 pipeline that will carry Tar Sands oil through Southern Ontario.  read more »

Martin Glaberman - Punching Out

Punching Out

Martin Glaberman's classic but hard-to-find pamphlet from 1952 on workplace organising.

EXCO Free School Zine #2 - Interviews with Class Facilitators

EXCO sparks

Zine about a free school in the Twin Cities, Minnesota

Contains interviews with facilitators of classes as part of Experimental Community Education of the Twin Cities (EXCO).  read more »

What Ever Happened to the Eight Hour Day?

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 10.55.19 PM.png

we made this for thoughtcrime ink from a text by arthur j. miller about the demand by employers for longer workdays and overtime, and general wage-slavery. (imposed)

koala #3


issue 3 covers the adoption of the author's son, judgements & expectations, abuse & forgiveness, traveling, waste, male dominance in punk + more

One Year in the ObserverTree

Miranda Gibson in the Observer Tree

A zine to celebrate the one year anniversary of Miranda Gibson's old growth tree-sit in Southern Tasmania. http://www.observertree.org.

Los Angeles Queer Resistance Zine: Issue No. 2

2nd Issue PDF - FINAL-1.jpg

The next issue of the LAQR zine is herrrre! This issues about rejecting the gender binary and resisting hetero normalcy for the liberation for all marginalized voices, and recognizing the vast intersectionalities therein. Deconstructing and discussing definitions of the ideas of queer, gender non conformity, privilege, privilege, and privilege. Queer the world and stay tuned for our next issue...  read more »

Toronto G20 Main Conspiracy Group: The Charges and How They Came To Be


This article focusing on the G20 Main Conspiracy charges was first released in the fall of 2011. It describes the policing and legal strategies of the State and the organizing model of those targetted, to gain an understanding of one of the largest campaigns of repression against anarchists in Canada so far.




Una discussione di tattica, teoria e pratica
tra i membri incarcerati della
e alcunx anarchicx in Messico

Edizioni Sole Nero NR. 001  read more »

MAI PIU' DISARMATO - Dichiarazione politica di Haris Hatzimichelakis (Cospirazione delle Cellule di Fuoco)


Dichiarazione politica di
Haris Hatzimichelakis

"La Cospirazione delle Cellule di Fuoco è un gruppo di guerriglia
anarchica che, attraverso strutture organizzate di attacco,
promuove l’obiettivo rivoluzionario. Siamo parte di un progetto
rivoluzionario basato sul presente ma con gli occhi fissi al futuro,  read more »

Invitation, An


This is an invitation to disrupt the script of the Couple. (1 page)

In this miserable society dictated by oppressive social roles, you are cordially invited to break with the normalcy of everyday life in the ways that you relate with those whom you call friends.

OneAngryQueer #1, How Capitalism Will Kill Us All


OneAngryQueer is a radical political column published on Hivster.com and written by local Seattle organizer Ian Awesome. Ian is an HIV-positive queer anarchist who previously has worked in Occupy Seattle and now organizes with the Grand Legion of Incendiary and Tenacious Unicorn Revolutionaries (GLITUR). The column pieces published here have been unedited from their original posting.  read more »

Why is Cooper Union Being Occupied?


One of the last bastions of free education in the U.S. is under attack. This 24-page mini-zine contains occupiers’ statements, leaked administration documents, and newspaper articles explaining why New York City's Cooper Union school is currently being occupied by students.

More information on New York Year Zero: http://year0.org

Housing Monster, The, Part 1: The Construction Site


“You see in this world there’s two kinds of people my friend: those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”
-Blondie (from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly )  read more »

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