Integrated Security: The Manual

by Jane Berry

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Tech Tools For Activists Vol. 1


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Smashing the Orderly Party: an Anarchists' Critique of Leninism (READ)

Smashing the Orderly Party (Cover)


I would like to write down some thoughts regarding Leninism as a historical and theoretical position. I am writing to those who are willing to listen in hopes of refining a critique of authoritarian socialism. I do not have delusions that this short essay will convince anyone of something drastically outside of what they already believe or, at least, that is not my intention.  read more »

Privacy Resources

Prefigurative Organization, The


by Kim Keyser

There are a lot of ideologies, movements and
organizations which have tried to fundamentally
change the world. If we take a look around, we
quickly find out that this has not yet been successful:
the global society is marked by extreme poverty,
gruesome wars, enormous environmental crises
and deep social problems. In part, none of these  read more »

Nuestra Posición - Alianza Solidaridad Obrera (ASO)

Nuestra Posicion letter-1.jpg

Nuestra Posición

de Alianza Solidaridad Obrera (ASO)/ Workers Solidarity Alliance

(WSA) Actualizado en abril de 2009, traducido en junio de 2010.

La Alianza Solidaridad Obrera (ASO; Workers Solidarity Alliance, WSA) fue fundada en
Noviembre de1984. Esta declaración comunica nuestra perspectiva política. Esta declaración fue

Everyone to the Streets


Texts and Communiqués from the Greek Uprising

Quick guide for a revolution


“How to cook a peaceful revolution”


The #GlobalrEvolution has already began.

We’re together.

Legal Observer Training Manual



What Is the Legal Observer Program? 1
Who Are Legal Observers? 1
Responsibilities of the Legal Observer 1
Legal Observer Coordinator 2
Legal Observer Dress and Actions 2
Visibility 2
Teamwork 3
Objectivity 3
Interacting with Police 3
Preparing for the Role of Legal Observer 4
On the Day of the Action 5  read more »

Practical Security Handbook for Activists and Campaigns, A (v 2.7)


This guide is dedicated to all those who have died for freedom. Many have been
honoured; many, many more have no one to recall their sacrifice. It does not take
much to be a hero, just to stand up in the face of injustice, when the odds are
overwhelming, and stand firm for what you believe in. We honour them through our own
actions to preserve the liberties of others.

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