Revolt in Edgewood

This zine is a compilation of information found online surrounding
the anti-police riot that took place in the Edgewood neighborhood of

Up Against the Wall: A History of Resistance to Policing in Philadelphia

This research of Philadelphia history was undertaken for the explicit purpose of formulating a critical narrative of how policing has upheld the racial contours of the capitalist economic and political order.  read more »

Rise, Fall, Repeat #3

"This edition of Rise Fall Repeat follows Fox's established format of gorgeous photography overlayed with cut&paste narrative. This issue feels like a dichotomy: there are some musings that, in a few words, paint astonishing insights into the human condition.  read more »

using space 8 - a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living

using space 8 cover

Using Space 8


*'Ive painted myself into a corner' – learning from the divide between artistic and anarchist squats in Paris
*Open House London / Made Possible by Squatting
*Review of 'Nine Tenths of the Law' by Hannah Dobbz
*A quick update on Brighton courtcases
*Excerpt from 'Dangerous Spaces' zine
*List of back issues

Plus more cats

Details:  read more »

Point of No Return (Fixed)


From the introduction:

Anarchists are made and not born. Many of us have stories about specific moments or experiences that marked a turning point, something that made us become anarchists, or realize we already were anarchists. We compiled this zine because we wanted to hear stories of what pushes people over the edge and help us imagine ways we can create breaking points for others.  read more »


Earth Alchemy: The Art and Science of Compost

This zine is about composting. It is both a how-to manual and a text on the scientific theory of composting. It's kinda academic but I tried to make the language really accessible. Enjoy!

E se per una volta ci si mettesse sul serio


Proposte anarco-tafioliste per farla finita con patriarcato,
sessismo, genere e pro-femminismo...

Scusatemi ma mi prude
la mia povera pelle di fallocrate,
nella zona della prostata
degli uomini...

Scusatemi ma io mi tiro fuori
senza un rimpianto e senza un sospiro
dalla vostra mafia, vostro impero

A ognuna/o la sua rivoluzione
Avrò solamente tre compagni  read more »

What are anarchists?

From a text by AM Bonanno, with some edits and additions

Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization

Hipster Dead End Of Western Civilization

While coming out almost five years ago, the article "Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization" in Adbusters remains one of the best critiques and explorations of the hipster phenomenon.  read more »

And what about, for once, really getting down to it ?

A zine about going beyond pro-feminism within male circles, and deconstructing manlihood within ourselves.

The Issues Are Not The Issue

Issues Are Not The Issues

Sub-titled, "A Letter To Earth First! From A Too Distant Friend," The Issues Are Not The Issue is a critique of contemporary radical environmentalism as exemplified by the practice of Earth First! The author of the zine argues for an approach that is less oriented towards single issues and more towards a practice of widening struggles and trying new approaches.

Profiles of Provocateurs

Profiles of Provacateurs

Profiles of Provocateurs by Kristian Williams is about FBI involvement in activist communities in the last few years. The zine explores a few recent cases of anarchists or radical environmentalists being entrapped by state agents.  read more »

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