Cuntree Folk Beltane Issue


Jail, Social Prison, Or? A Call for an Anarchist Response to the Construction of the Youth Jail at 12th and Alder(Seattle)

This is an updated version of a text that appeared in the 4th issue of Storming Heaven, an anarchist newspaper out of Seattle.


Publié d’abord en anglais par Research & Destroy en 2011, ce texte a été traduit à Montréal et publié en version Française/Anglaise par Ann Gavroche pour La Mitrailleuse en décembre 2011. Il pose des réflexions critiques sur le mouvement Occupy Wall Street.

The Broken Teapot

The Broken Teapot

Pleasure Power Comix Part C (takes on police abuse topic on gays) (3 pdf files attached)

Cover of the zine "Pleasure Power Comix"

This zine includes articles of actual abuses by police, published in the marginalized gay press (the magazine that the text portions, in which my art was in, is now defunct).

All the art is mine, except that one provided here, for referential purposes (when mentioned in the comic), by Donald Raoum.  read more »

Communiqué d'un futur absent


D’abord diffusé en anglais en 2009, ce manifeste en provenance de Californie est issu du mouvement d’occupations universitaires qui y débuta suite à l’intensification de la crise du capitalisme que l’on connait. En particulier, le texte semble avoir été rédigé par un collectif anonyme d’étudiant.es de l’University of California at Santa Cruz. Diffusion à Montréal en 2011.  read more »

L'affaire Germinal-L'art d'infiltrer un groupe militant

Montréal, 2012. L’affaire Germinal a été écrit par Alexandre Popovic. Il nous fait part du stratagème d’infiltration utilisé par la GRC durant les mois qui ont précédé le sommet des Amériques. Si le texte est disponible sur le site de la CRAP, nous avons cru pertinent de le mettre en page et de le distribuer en version papier.  read more »

Audit of the IU Strike

On April 11 and 12, 2013, students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University went on strike. Coordinated not by unions, but by a flexible and informal network of assemblies, the strike challenged the administration's austerity program as well as the entire organization of higher education.  read more »

No Plan Nowhere!: A Guide to the Infrastructure and Businesses Involved with the Plan Nord Development Project

The Plan Nord/Le Nord Pour Tous is a plan by the Quebec Government to invest in and promote resource extraction projects in Northern Quebec. Le Plan Nord was originally proposed by Jean Charest's Liberal government in May 2011, and was presented as an economic development strategy to create job in quebec.  read more »

The Terrorist at the End of This Book

I saw all these people in black and this man had a dog and it was right behind me and I just saw all these lights and these guns and it was really scary. All of us had to get down on our knees and put our hands over our heads. A man asked for my name, if I know anything about terrorist things or if I’ve been in trouble with the police. I just started crying and crying.  read more »

The Terrorist at the End of This Book

From Politics To Life: Ridding Anarchy Of The Leftist Millstone by Wolfi Landstreicher


“The struggle of the left does not grow out of the desires, needs and dreams of the living individuals exploited, oppressed, dominated and dispossessed by this society. It is not the activity of people striving to reappropriate their own lives and seeking the tools necessary for doing so.  read more »

Crowbar Chronicles (fragments from a life made by breaking and entering)

guerre au capitalisme.cleaned.png

Translation of classic french text. Lessons learned from squatting (good & bad) in a poetic way. Be sure to convert it to letter format if you're in the US.

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