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Are you ready for some football? it's a party! another Garden Plot Jackals track, with Blasphemy (aka Bosephus Blues) rappin about aliens and bilderberg delta-clearance level shit (aka paranoia & drugs) over DJ Deep Breathely's buzzy bass line and crazy sampled jazz flute & brass.

Machine of Your Mind by Garden Plot Jackals

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The no-single off of Garden Plot Jackals only album, Burn Yr Cash. some abstract poetics of societal metanoia by Cras & Rooster Doctor over DJ Deep Breathely's bumbling synths and textures.

ALLBLAQ! by Barely Free

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Another song off of Barely Free's Three Pounds of Flax EP1, the first of a 9-EP series. This one's pretty much just our experiences at a Black Bloc in St. Louis, MO.


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The opening track of Barely Free's new 9-EP series, entitled "Three Pounds of Flax", due out any day now on MothrasEgg Records. You are encouraged to visit for free music from this anti-cop-kraut-hop crew from St. Loser, Misery. Also featured on a free MayDay comp @

RockPapweScissors Radio - Episodes 1 - 13

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Curiously collaborative · Indignantly Independent · Disgustingly DIY

RockPaperScissors Radio is a weekly show presented for Australian community radio and podcasting alongside the monthly RockPaperScissors zine. Content developed and produced by the RPS Crew.  read more »

Commentary on 'The Criminalization of Student Protest at McGill'

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The author comments on their paper, which is readable here:

IIRSA - Animinimalista

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IIRSA (Iniciativa para la Integración de la Infraestructura Regional Suramericana)

IIRSAcando la madera de los árboles que quedan.
IIRSAciando sus bolsillos haciendo monocultivos.
IIRSAturando ciudades despoblando otros lugares.
IIRSAcrificando ríos y montañas con represas y minas que siempre contaminan.

IIRSAliendo a la calle a demostrarles que no queremos su progreso.  read more »

Tonbandmitschnitte vom Stuttgarter Stammheim-Prozess


106. VTag - 04.05.1976 - 1. Erklärung von Jan-Carl Raspe nach Ausschluss seines Anwalts von der Gerichtsverhandlung

106. VTag - 04.05.1976 - 2. zum Schluss des VTags Andreas Baader über den Ablauf der Gerichtsverhandlung und danach die E~1

40. VTag - 30.09.1975 - 1. Eröffnung des Verhandlungstags von Richter Prinzing  read more »


Revolution in Conflict: Anti-Authoritarian Approaches to Resolving and Transforming Conflict and Harm

anti-authoritarian conflict mediation-1.jpg

This is a transcript of a recording of a workshop given at the 2008 NYC Anarchist Bookfair. The workshop title is Revolution in Conflict: Anti-Authoritarian Approaches to Resolving and Transforming Conflict and Harm.  read more »

Audio from the Attica Uprising 1971


audio from the Freedom Archives

Download at:

Against the background of the mass revolutionary, black power and prisoners' movements in the US, a four day revolt began on September 13, 1971 at the Attica Correctional Facility near Buffalo, NY in the United States. Its repression left 39 people killed.

"If we can't live as men, we sure as hell can die as men"
- Attica prisoner

Read more about the Attica Uprising at:

dj QuestionMark Audio Archive

Welcome to Dj Questionmark's Audio Archive. Here you will find interviews with people about a veriety of topics since 2004.These interviews aired on pirate radio Free Radio Olympia 98.5 fm, Weird Radio Portland 93.7fm, Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1 fm and LP-FM KOWA 106.5fm.  read more »

Free the SF 8

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info from Committee for the Defense of Human Rights

Murder Charges Against Former Black Panthers Based on Confessions Extracted by Torture

Conspiracy count dropped against five of the eight – see details (December 4).

Nobel Peace Prize laureates issue International Call for justice for the San Francisco 8 – see full text (November 30).  read more »

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