UTOPIA//EMERGENCY: a bulletin from the ongoing revolution against everything

Dropping it fresh for May Day '09, UTOPIA//EMERGENCY is a sort of (highly subjective) "best of" compilation of analysis, essays and communiques linking insurrectionary anarchist/communist theory to ongoing practices of revolt.

THIS IS NOT JOURNALISM. (A journal of sorts, maybe, if it attracts enough energy and attention for further issues.) This is wholeheartedly intended to express partisan perspectives from out present position on the losing side of a 10,000-year-old war against capitalist social relations and all forms of control, constraint and mediation—everything that gets in between us and living most, if not all of our lives as free, self-determined beings. As the editors of Fire to the Prisons have said of their publication (and a fine one it is): “This is a biased source of poorly articulated animosity against the world as we know it. This magazine is intended to provoke, inspire, and persuade, like all propaganda… We report without the permission of the state or the mainstream—this writing is not declared legitimate by the forces that determine legitimacy.” This is something slightly different but offered in the same spirit: you will find less reporting in these pages, as our goal in producing this is to circulate ideas and analysis being produced on our side, to arm and inspire the aspiring insurgent, to form clear links in the continual feedback loop between theory and practice.

WE ARE NOT LEFTISTS, activists or any other sort of people who get outraged about this or that “issue” or “injustice.” The issues are not the issue; the whole of modern existence enrages us. So we are not interested in “seizing” power or creating political forms, organizations or “counter”-institutions—but we can’t deny being power-hungry. As the current social order sets itself the task of taking all power over our lives, we look to moments of anonymity and resistance—of theft, sabotage, mutiny, strike, riot and desertion—as instances of freedom where we seize power over/with(in) our own existence. But a few moments are not enough—we want it all.

THESE TEXTS WERE ASSEMBLED as a project of An Autonomous Committee against the Metropolitan Future in order to extend the reach of some of the brightest, sharpest, cruelest, prettiest, most interestingly dangerous words currently circulating on the theory and practice of revolt, particularly those which might have relevance here in the U.$. This is not the first or last word on anything. If you have contributions, comments or input of any kind, holla back unto ouradventuresincomplete@gmail.com.

Some of what's inside:
- Invisible Committee texts and criticism
- Greece's warmest winter
- Social war in the midwestern U.$.
- French ghetto revolts of ’05
- The Oscar Grant rebellion
- Crews, Plan B and other tactical proposals
- Occupy everything from NYC to Greece
- Sabotage, swarming and subversion

On the one hand, we wish to live in communism
On the other, to spread anarchy

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