What Kind of Allies are These?: reflections on power and politics within the 2012 student strike at Concordia University.

This Zine looks at the 2012 student strike in Quebec, as it occured at Concordia University.

An abridged version of an hours thesis, this paper (re-written for easier access!) uses interviews and personal ethnography to interrogate the ways that power relationships play out -within- this resistance movement, and demands the following questions:
- what are the impacts of the participation of institutionalized, hierarchal organizations (like "official" student government bodies)in a grass roots, anti-neoliberal movement such as this?
- how are the underlying systems of power and oppression that permeate our society (re)enacted in resistance movements, and how do they effect the success of our "resistance"

key words: Quebec student strike, printemps d'erable, feminism, anarchism and direct democracy, student politics, critical analysis

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